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Eagle Rock Public House: More Than Your Typical Brew Pub

Eagle Rock Public House

Whether you want to try a new dish or have a couple beers with some friends, Eagle Rock Public House is the place to be. The reputable establishment has a ton to offer its patrons, including an impressive list of craft beers and dozens of delicious food options. Not to mention all the ingredients used are locally sourced, making it the perfect place for your regular neighborhood hang.

The trendy brewpub is family ran and owned. Brother and sister, Jerry and Ting Su, as well as Ting’s husband, Jeremy Raub, work as a tight-knit team to bring the neighborhood something it really hasn’t seen before. Eagle Rock Brewery (also owned by this super talented family) supplies the delicious craft beers on tap, while extremely original recipes are used to spoil patrons with a one of a kind dining experience.

Since their November 2014 opening, Eagle Rock Public House has been consistently evolving. After getting established with an amazing dinner menu, the brewpub expanded to brunch and lunch, and are now offering a “Tweener” menu, for the hours “in between” lunch and dinner. This glorified Happy Hour menu runs from 4-6pm and offers handcrafted dishes (including $2 oysters!) as well as discounts on tap beers and glasses of wine.

Formerly an auto-repair shop, Eagle Rock Public House has elegantly transformed the property into a trendy, inviting space while managing to keep some of the old repair shop charm. A garage door remains in the center of the building and is now used as a floor to ceiling window, giving guests a wonderful view of the neighborhood as well as letting in tons of natural light. The cement floor, exposed brick and reclaimed wood give the space a contemporary, industrial feel while the succulent center pieces on the tables pay homage to beautiful southern California. Two tops near the window make for an excellent intimate setting and communal tables help accommodate larger parties.

Eagle Rock Public House

The Eagle Rock Public House menu is one of the most unique and delicious in the neighborhood. Jerry Su, executive chef and co-owner of the brewpub, delivers extraordinary entrees for the restaurant, as well as brunch and small dishes for their “Tweener” menu. When coming up with the concept for the menu, Su says, “Something we wanted to focus on was American heritage. We went through a few different food concepts, but ultimately what resonated the most was to further this modern American concept…Ingredients wise there’s a little bit from all over the place but really, an emphasis on American heritage products.” Dishes are created using ingredients that are “specifically unique to North America, especially the U.S.” While some pubs might unfreeze a hamburger and call it a day, Eagle Rock Public House has a different idea of what to serve their guests. “What really is American food? The U.S. in general is such a unique place, we’re trying to counter the stereotypical brewery food. [We didn’t] want to do burgers and pizzas and french fries. [We’re] trying to do something more ambitious.”

Eagle Rock Public House 47


And they are succeeding. With dishes like Duck Liver Toast with strawberry and bourbon gastrique, Eagle Rock Public House is more than just your typical neighborhood bar. It’s a wonderful mix of local craft beer with upscale, progressive culinary creations. And both for a great price! The food is exquisite and everything is made with so much attention and detail. These are business people but they are also artists. Speaking with Jerry, you can’t help but be inspired. “We’re making a living, but there’s a message behind it too. When it’s all said and done, what is that legacy? That’s always on the forefront…For us, it’s really about being thoughtful. Not only be responsible, but be thoughtful.”


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The staff is all smiles while working and interacting with guests, creating such a wonderful atmosphere and warm environment. So if you’re looking for “food that has something to say,” or just want a really good deal on a delicious craft beer, then stop by Eagle Rock Public House today and experience the magic for yourself!