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Highland Park Farmers Market Favorites

Tuesday nights walking around the local farmers market and you are hearing someone slowly strum the guitar in the background as you smell the sweet aroma of sopes de pollo and vegan tacos. Every corner is an option and you wish you could just buy one of everything, well before you do here are three stops to make first.

Todo Verde had people coming back for more. The creative names and blends were luring many people in to buy their drinks. If you are looking for something that isn’t heavy but is still very satisfying you should check their booth out first. Todo Verde mastered making healthy smoothies delicious and trendy. Their natural locally bought products both benefit the community and the consumer. With every sip support the movement of reintroducing the many products that we have lost touch with over the years.  Stop by and be welcomed with a free sample and smile.

La Pupusa Feliz got me hooked just by the delicious smell. People were walking away from the booth with juicy tortas and pupusas, leaving me with a bit of envy. The way the sopes de pollo were being cooked with colorful red and green bell peppers made it seem even more desirable. La Pupusa Feliz is food that is comforting and leaves you with the feeling of warmth on a cold night.

Being hungry and surrounded by taco trucks may seem like heaven unless you are vegan. The owners of the Plant for People truck started because they noticed there was a need in the community and wanted to do something about it. Everything tasted as fresh as it looked especially their Pico de Gallo and Coleslaw tacos. For anyone who enjoys a savory but nutritious taco check out the Plant for People truck. Even though their lines are long their customers are happy.