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When Nostalgia and Community Combine: Civil Coffee

Just 3 weeks old, Civil Coffee located off Figueroa and 55th/57th, shows absolutely no signs of growing pains.
Brothers, Alex and Alan Morales, started operating their mobile coffee bar in Highland Park this past summer, instantly connecting with the community and providing street-side coffee and sweets.
They quickly signed their lease and set up a permanent shop with hopes to support a thriving community with a quick boost for your day.
The former members of the Handsome Coffee Roasters team are by no means new to the game, and had specific ideas of the environment and atmosphere they wanted to cultivate.
“We wanted the design to blend classic with modern, including clean lines and rich textures, while still evoking the feeling that the coffee bar had always been there”, said Alan Morales.
And by the one-true cylon god, they nailed it.
But what was my experience of the joint? Nothing but fantastic. And that’s not something I say often. Jamie (above), as well as the other baristas, were extremely knowledgable and more importantly, welcoming.
Upon walking into Civil Coffee, the smell of roasted coffee beans looms heavily in the doorway, as you take your first steps towards the baristas.
Adorned by a giant wall of marble, Civil Coffee’s interior designer and longtime Highland resident, Charisse Cardenas, mixed industrial elements with a traditional Mexican tile floor, creating a “mi casa, su casa” type of vibe – Not to mention it helped that Pharcyde’s, “Passin’ Me By” was playing through the speakers.
With brass wall lights, the walnut bar top, and the La Marzocco GB5 as the centerpiece, one could not help, but feel at ease. The cool-colored Mexican tile, matching the navy blue wainscot lines, surround the shop adding a modern farm appeal.
But enough about all that. Let’s get to the coffee.
Today I decided to try the “Tandem”, which consists of one shot of their daily espresso, accompanied by one more shot of their civil select espresso.
Their daily espresso was the Pucas Honduras, sporting a bold body, high acidic profile, and nut-dominat aroma.
While their civil select espresso was the Kilenso Ethiopian. With a lighter body and rich aromatics, I enjoyed the Kilenso better; yet both brews were nothing but precise and flavorful.
Civil Coffee outsources to scene-dominant Portland, to receive the highest quality of beans from both Coava Coffee, and Heart Roasters. And it showed vibrantly in the final product.
This wonderful new coffee shop also serves a variety of food, including some of their more popular items: The Avocado Toast, the True Quiche, and my personal favorite, the Capressa Sandwich.
So next time you’re in the area and need an upper, be sure to stop by! Tell them Dominic sent you!
Civil Coffee is open daily, from 7am until 5pm including weekends, located off Figueroa and between 55th/57th in Highland Park!