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Some Remedial Measures For Hiccups

Some Remedial Measures For Hiccups

This is a condition which can make others laugh as well as irritate them if hiccups keep bothering you for a very long time. Hiccups are also spelt as hiccoughs as the sound is derived from act of hiccups. It is caused by the sudden contraction of the diaphragm, the muscle used for breathing.

Getting hiccups is one of the common things which we go through in our life and is treated as a very normal thing. But if this anguish keeps bothering you, then it has to be shown to your local doctor to be treated as soon as possible. Most of the hiccups which we happen to come across last for some few minutes.

Even though hiccups are a very common thing the causes for such kind of thing is still unknown but some of the known reasons by which we get affected are:

-eating too fast
-swallowing air
-drinking too fast
-nervousness or anxiety
-neurological problems
-consumption of alcohol
-changes in temperature
-interference in the sleeping pattern

Some of the remedies which will help cure your hiccups instantly are:

– While pinching your nose start swallowing at least 10-20 sips of water while holding your breathe all the time. This would help you cure your hiccup problems
-By swallowing 1 or 2 tsp sugar at least three times may prove to be effective
-Munching a dry piece of bread very slowly
-Sucking on to a lemon slice
-Having peanut butter also helps as it is sticky and helps in your breathing pattern
-Holding your breathe and counting till 10 may also help
-Breathing into a paper bag
-Drinking pineapple juice also helps
-A short exercise to get the hiccup out of your system by bending forward and applying pressure on your chest
-Gulping stuff down your system also helps be it water, juice, vinegar as it helps in clearing the airways
-There are products in the market which help in getting rid of the hiccups
-By getting a cough or a sneeze
-Taking a hot shower
-Chewing a gum
-Having ice bags on both sides of your throat
-If your hiccups last for more than the stipulated time period may be an hour or so, the first thing to do is to get a check up done from your doctor