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The Key to (His) Success

The choices we makes contribute to the person we become. It often leads us to the start of an amazing journey. A journey filled with risk, pressure, and above all self discovery. At least this was the case for twenty year old Highland Park resident Jeffrey Sebastian Lara. Through his life he’s always encountered many opportunities to pursue his passions. It wasn’t until he nearly lost his life during his senior year of High School that he became driven to succeed in all he did and aspired to do. It was Jeffrey’s choice to make use of this second life he was given but it was the people he surrounded himself with that gave him the support and motivation he needed to reach his goals.
His perception of the world was shaped by two crucial people in his life, his parents. They made sure Jeffrey knew he could take something he loved and make a living off it. His parents both came from El Salvador with hardly any money but were determined to make a better future for themselves and their future family. Years later Jeffrey and his family returned to El Salvador to visit and it wasn’t until he saw how different his parent’s life was from his that he wanted to work even harder to try and give himself and his family the life they dreamed about. He always had respect for his parent’s risk and drive that came with leaving their old life to pursue something better, but after his visit his parents became his fuel for inspiration.

The birth of his passion began when his graphic arts teacher realized the amount of talent Jeffrey possessed when designing T-Shirts. His teacher took interest in him and was determined to show Jeffrey what he could do with his talent. His teacher made sure he was involved in Skillsusa, a program that takes student’s strengths and helps them excel in the workforce they choose. All of Jeffrey’s efforts payed off when he reached second in the state for a graphic arts competition. Not too long after T-Shirt designing became his life. Jeffrey said, “It was knowing I can learn from where I started that left excitement in the process of designing apparel.”

Many believe that the key to success has something to do with luck, but luck plays no part in it. The truth behind the matter is the amount of energy you invest and the amount of calculated risks you take. Jeffrey may be young but his ability to put himself out into the world and take advantage of the resources he comes across puts him on the path to reaching each and everyone of his goals. Due to these risks he has been able to  work with people in and out of his community.  Jeffrey hopes to have a worldwide clothing brand with a message that impacts everyone who wears it. He wants to show the everyone that his age shouldn’t reflect on how hard he works or who he truly is. He says, “ As long and I have the power and energy to keep on pushing there will never be a limit to what I can achieve.” Jeffrey is someone that doesn’t let obstacles keep him from what he wants instead he perceives obstacles as lessons for the future. He hopes to be an influence for not just his four siblings but the people in his community that believe because of their circumstances they are somehow prevented from doing what they love.

He gives a lot of credit to not only the people in his life but to most of all himself, for growing. At a point in his life where sadness could have consumed him he chose to  push through the hurt and instead flourish. It is no exaggeration that personal development is a powerful thing, infact it was so powerful in Jeffrey Lara’s case that it saved his life.

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Check out his Instagram @thekeytosuccessclothing

He will be having a  screen printing class this Saturday April 23rd on York at Align Art Gallery Link Below